Places I've Lived as a Responsible, Rent-Paying Adult. (In Pie Chart-Form Because Charts! Data! Fun!)





Places I've Worked: Under Armour, GNC Live Well, RP3 Agency, Hirshorn Zuckerman Creative Agency, Weber Shandwick

Cooler Things I've Been a Part of: The New Yorker, Advertising Week. In high school I waitressed at my friend's parents' crab shack where most of my tips were made from selling buckets of beer to middle-aged men. That was not cool. 

Words That Came After My Name On Business Cards: Social Media Coordinator, Account Marketing Coordinator, Junior Copywriter, Copywriter, Senior Writer, Associate Creative Director, Deep Sea Scuba Diver (That last one is not true but I bet you went, "Oh, wow." And if you didn't, what the hell do you even do, Sharon?)


Cities I've lived in. Places I've been. People who broke up with me. People who still love me. Really good food. And a LOT of doggos. 

My flow. Your flow. I'm all about flow.


it's just strippers and cupcakes all the way down.

In 2018, I listened to nearly 55,000 minutes of music on Spotify. That's...well, I'm no good at math. But that's a lot of hours. I have a bunch of playlists on Spotify for every mood, including ones called Let's Get Emo that will likely take you back to a friend Britney's car in 2006, Classics that could have probably been on rotation at the Baltimore rock bar my mom and dad first met at 30+ years ago called Hammerjack’s, and even one called Sex because, well, everyone needs one of those on hand in case MTV Cribs ever shows up at your house without warning.

Here's a playlist called Mint that does an A+ job keepin' the flow going at any given moment.